Jewellery Care

Ramona uses high quality stainless steel chains and findings. However over time some pieces of jewellery will tarnish and fade.  You can prolong this process from happening by following these simple instructions.

  • Do not wear your jewellery in the shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tubs, steam rooms, exercising, gardening or cleaning.
  • Do not let fake tans, perfume, creams or lotions near your pieces. Allow these products to be fully dry before putting on your jewellery. Your jewellery should be last on and first off after wearing.
  • Try and keep your pieces in the jewellery boxes they arrive in. You can also store your jewellery in a jewellery box away from sunlight.
  • You should gently wipe your pieces with a dry soft cloth after wearing. Every so often you can gently clean it with a jewellery polishing cloth.